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About Us

DSW, or Dixie Saw Works, began as a converting knife company in 1943. With over 6 decades of steady business the company was bought out in 2004 by our current owner, Chris McIlvaine. Over the course of the next couple years Chris decided that he wanted internalize as many processes as possible so he purchased a waterjet. Purchasing the waterjet gave us the ability to cut down on lead times for the blanks we use with the converting knife part of the company. He quickly realized that having a waterjet cutter also gave us the possibility to bring in more profits by helping other local companies outsource their cutting. At that moment DSW Cutting was born.  While continuing to service the converting knife customers, Chris began investing more into the cutting industry with the promise of great service, quick lead times, and high quality.
Our name was solidified in the Birmingham cutting industry when we purchased our first laser cutter. Once we optimized the laser cutters capacity we strategically purchased another laser and a plasma cutter to keep up with the new customer demand in the cutting industry. To progress from there, we purchased a hydraulic 12 ft press brake to give customers the ability to purchase cut and formed parts. We have been working hand in hand with our machine vendors to ensure we are getting the high quality machines on the market. With our vendor's assistance we have grown our capacity to four fiber laser cutters paired with automation, two hi-def plasma cutters, two waterjet cutters, and three press brakes. The capacity that we have grown into has given us the ability to service the southeast with the quickest lead times in Birmingham while still providing the highest quality part. 
Because of all of this growth we had to move from our old 20,000 sq ft facility to our new location. With 85,000 sq ft and a convenient conveniently located of the 31st street exit in downtown Birmingham. In two short years we maximized and optimized our new facility. The only way to grow from there was to purchase the lot next door. Over the next year we will be expanding our facility even more to maintain the level of service we are committed to. With the new expansion we will have roughly 130,000 sq ft which will allow us to enhance our work flow. Finding a good location that is easily accessible and close to home was a necessity for Chris; he wanted to be able to give back and help Birmingham grow back into the Steel City that it once was.